• Event: Survivors Group
     Date: Meets twice monthly
     When: Contact WRC
  • Event: Scotty Cubs and Parents
     Date: Every Thurs. beg. Oct. 10
  • Event: Pedals Bike Shop
     Date:Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Event: Vagina Monologues
     Date:April 8 & April 21
  • Event: Student Internship Program
     Date:Contact WRC
  • Event: Sexual Assault Awareness Month
     Time: All Month Long


Welcome to the Women’s Resource Center, a safe space for all students to address gender issues, connect with campus safety programs, access sexual assault and domestic violence support, take on key leadership roles and build a sense of empowerment. Whoever you are, you’re welcome here.

Celebrating 40 years of WRC!

Embolden yourself with our programs and services, come to one of our exciting special events, or get involved and help make our impact that much stronger.

For nearly 40 years, our center has created amazing opportunities for all students. Become a partner and a beneficiary of groundbreaking efforts that support women's lives.

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    Student Internships for UCR undergraduate and graduate students.

    Interested in volunteering for a student internship through the Women's Resource Center? Choose your topic of interest you're passionate about and want to educate others on. Then let us help you turn that passion into a program! Students of all majors are encouraged to participate. Contact Romanie Arterberry at x23337 or romanie@ucr.edu for more information.

    Become a Peer!

    Join our Sexual Assault and Violence Education (SAVE) peer group or volunteer for the Campus Safety Escort Service.


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